Process Work

A well-designed letterform in Spencerian Script is like a ballet with a beginning, middle and end. The eye follows the natural rhythm and flow of the line in constant movement. What makes Spencerian particularly exciting is the sparkle of weight contrasts between thick and thin strokes. The thins must be hairlines, that look as if they are about to disappear almost to the breaking point.


Toni Dispigna Designing

Stage 1 Planning and Development

Whenever given a title, Tony is always itching to see the configuration of characters. He usually reaches for whatever scrap of paper is available and proceed to explore the possibilities. 

Stage 2 Exploration

I then make further exploration with several tracing tissues. In this phase I spend a great deal of time trying to sketch as many directions as possible.


Stage 3 Final Sketch and Touch-up

After reaching some satisfying possibilities, I begin the process of selecting and putting together those most promising designs into a final “pinned-down” pencil sketch.

“Love Letters” 

“Harry and Meghan” 


“Family Affair”

Tony's Work

Family Affair

Process Work

Burn Hollywood Burn

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Harry & Meghan

Love Letters

Drawing of Man

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Drawing of Man

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